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Choral Scholarships

Poster for choral scholars program. See details below.

The Music Programme offers up to four Choral Scholarships each year. The Choral Scholarship Programme is a way of supporting students in their studies. Scholarships are currently set at a value of ~$2,500 for the choir season (approx. $250 per month). Scholarships are available to university students and/or advanced high school students (age 16 or older). 

Scholars are expected to exhibit strong commitment and loyalty to the choir duties, punctuality with respect to weekly rehearsals and services, and a proactive attitude to learning. Each scholar should have previous choral experience, strong sight-reading skills, and a voice that blends. The scholarship is valid for one year but may be renewed in subsequent years. This is not a contract position.

Each candidate must pass an audition, which consists of tests to determine vocal range and character, the performance of a prepared piece of the candidate’s choice, and some sight singing. There will be a four-week probation period for successful candidates to determine suitability, for both parties. 

To arrange an audition, please contact Organist and Choirmaster: Wesley R. Warren by telephone at 613-232-6992 (church office), by using this contact form, or by speaking to him after service.

Music Program/Choral Scholarship brochure pdf file