Detail of memorial stained glass window.

Choral Foundation

St Barnabas Choral Foundation

The St Barnabas Choral Foundation (previously the Special Music Fund) provides the financial resources for projects under the auspices of the Music Program not covered by the regular budget established at Vestry. Anyone can contribute to the foundation using their regular offering envelopes or a Visitor's envelope and thereby receive a tax receipt (issued only for contributions of $20 or more) at the end of the year — just mark clearly on your offering envelope and/or cheque: “St. Barnabas Choral Foundation” and the donation will be directed accordingly. The foundation has financed numerous projects over the years for the Music Program, including cleaning/revoicing of the organ, choir chairs for the gallery, music for the choral library, hymn books for congregational use, a rehearsal piano for the choir, refurbishment of the tower room for a music office, etc. The main ongoing project that the foundation supports is Choral Scholarships. Contributing to the St. Barnabas Choral Foundation will ensure a strong music program at the church for many years to come.