Reopening of the Church for Mass: what you need to know.

The Diocese has given permission for the Churches to reopen for public worship on September 6th, if the pandemic continues to decline and we do not have a second wave in the community. In preparing for the reopening of our church the following guidelines will be followed.

Before coming to Mass

Do a self evaluation:

  • Do I have a fever or cough?
  • Have I been in contact with someone who has been exposed to Covid 19?
  • Have I been out of the country or been in contact with someone who has been out of the country in the last 14 days?

Reserve a spot

The church will only be able to host 30 people in the pews, using every 3rd pew, to allow for social distancing. However if you come as a family - “your bubble” and sit together we can accommodate more. Please email or call the Rector 613-668-6992 each week to reserve a seat.

In Church

On entering the Church via the James St. door, each person must wear a mask, if you forget or do not have a mask, we have a supply of masks available. Sanitizer is available at the entrance to the Church.

  • A collection plate will be at the entrance to the Church, to receive your donation, since there will be no ‘ passing of the plate’ during the service.
  • You will be given a single use service booklet. Please take it away with you; there will be no hymn books or other service booklets in the pews.
  • There will be hymns, but the Diocese has asked that the congregation not join in the singing, as singing presents a greater infection danger than does ordinary speech.
  • We will have limited access to the washrooms; only the washroom in the entrance to the Church and one in the Parish Hall will be open.
  • You will be encouraged to use the sanitizing wipes to wipe down the taps.

Reception of Communion

At the direction of the sides people, move into the centre aisle, keeping a 6-foot distance. Move forward to the Chancel steps where the Priest (wearing a mask and gloves) will give the Sacred Host into your hand for you to consume. Afterward, replace you mask and return to your pew by the side aisle. After the Mass you are asked not to linger and to leave the building by the main doors on Kent Street.

Mass Schedule for September

The Sunday Mass schedule will be as follows:

  • 8:30am Low Mass according to the BCP
  • 10:30am Sung Mass with Incense

Due to physical distancing, we cannot have a full High Mass at this time. A sung Mass is offered with just a priest and one or two servers. No coffee time after Mass.

Mid Week Masses:

Tuesday 10am and Friday 7:30am.